Cikada Circus



Outdoor / Indoors – 30 minutes – Non verbal – All ages

In this intimate circus experience, two acrobats welcome you into a world that oscillates between the harmonious and the absurd, where lines are blurred between human and nature.

Hilarious and heartwarming, this timeless tale of companionship – its ups and its downs, its joys, struggles and revenge is uniquely told through the artists embodiment of insect behaviours within their human interactions. Displaying and comparing the habits of humans and insects, the show displays the interconnectedness of humans and the natural world.

A show unfolding through dramatic irony, rich imagery and polished acrobatics, Cikada puts a smile on faces and leaves audiences captivated.

The show is easily adaptable for site specific locations and has been performed at Street theatre festivals, Indoor venues, an 18th-century museum, Music festivals, a church, on grass, on concrete, smooth floor dance studios and on Circus big top stages.

Music by Swedish artist 1900 (Christian Gabel) and preshow soundtrack by Irish soundscape artist Craig Cox.

Artistic collaboration with Alain Servant.

Awarded ‘Most Innovative show’ Limerick Fringe 2019 and nominated for Judges’ Choice: Best Duo at Dublin Fringe 2018.

The development of the show was supported by Dublin Circus Project and Dance Ireland

Showreel of our 2019 season.

Please get in contact for tech requirements, bookings and enquiries.

Untitled (2020)

A new show for gallery and exhibition spaces. Supported by the Arts Council Ireland, The Hunts Museum and Nenagh Arts Centre.

More info to follow shortly.

Photo: Neal Campbell

Acts / Short performances

Photo Graeme Couglan

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